Unique Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. is dedicated in providing best products to its customers since 1985 within the committed time frame at the most competitive prices. We have been able to achieve this through our up to date manufacturing capabilities from the tanning of leather till the final inspection and packing of product.


As this is our second generation in the leather business, we have perfected ourselves in the tanning process of leather. For the development of best products we tan our own leather making sure that the product is as per customers exact requirement. Having a unit that is equipped with all machinery required in the leather tanning process from liming process of raw skins to the measurement machine is what differentiates us from other manufacturers. With a capacity of tanning 700,000-800,000 sq.ft.monthly we can commit timely deliveries to our customers. For sampling we have our in house laboratory with small sample drums installed. We at Unique Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. make sure that all our products are tanned using non-hazardous chemicals which, may cause any harm to our customers, moreover we are always ready to provide certifications whenever demanded by our customers.


At Unique Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. we have a capability of making 9000-10,000 pairs daily. With the help of automatic cutting press we can give consistent and quick production. To maintain quality of our products we do proper documentation and use testing tools wherever required. All leather is checked thoroughly before issued to cutting department which is again checked after the cutting process when admitted to cut part store. Not compromising on quality we make sure to provide a safe, healthy and clean environment in our factory. Following international standards each product is inspected by our inspection team, making sure that zero error is made. To attain high value in front of our customers we at each step of our production process do cross check on daily basis. To make sure that the product which reaches to our customer is as perfect as it was when leaving the factory the container is also checked properly before loading.

Unique Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. is capable of meeting all the requirements of our customers, no matter what the product is we enjoy to enhance our capabilities and work even harder to get the best results out.

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