Our team, policies, and working environment

We not only pride ourselves in being different but we celebrate it. From our products and procedures, sales and marketing, delivery and services we do everything in our own way.

Like many great companies We started from humble beginning. When the company started in the mid 80’s the packaging of products would be done with the help of family and friends in their homes. The founders would go out to the leather markets to pick out each hide by hand and make their own patterns for each glove in their homes. Now, almost 40 years later with a lot of help from our partners and clients We are grown to become a behemoth in the safety industry. Having multiple facilities across Pakistan including of state-of-the-art leather Tannery in Karachi, Pakistan. Factories in Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot, Faisalabad, and sales offices in the USA.

Our Story

Even with all the growth, We remains a small family owned company. Although, the scale of our operation has changed our relationships and policy remain the same. We still work with the same companies we started with almost 40 years ago. We now provide a range of different safety products for the retail, industrial, and safety markets including welding garments, welding gloves, impact and cut resistant gloves, cotton gloves, mechanical gloves and so much more. Over the past 40 years our products have made their way too many different companies and retailer with the help of our partners. Our mission is to make products not only of great quality but with great ethics and responsibility. This is the reason we stand by each product we make..

Our Vision

Be the most innovative and sustainability-focused workwear business that provides durable and comfortable workwear to the Middle East markets.

Our Mission

To help the workforce achieve more by providing workwear that keeps them safe, comfortable, and good-looking.

Message from the Co-founders

The workforce is the frontline that helps build society, and workwear is their first skin at work that protects and provides comfort and recognition of who they are. It is, therefore, our endeavor and commitment to delivering workwear that is nothing less than the best.
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